SEM VS SEO: What Is The Difference & Which Do I Choose?

SEM differs from SEO in the sense that it includes more options to use the search engine, such as paid ads which appear on search engine result pages. This ensures that you have greater coverage for your ad.

What is SEO?

SEO works by integrating keywords and increasing the reach of your work on organic listings. Meaning that you don’t have to pay for placement rather you use your relevant content to get a higher place in the listing. This is extremely important for online marketing in Singapore as the more people you can get searching for one keyword, the more people are likely to visit your site. Since it will appear at the top of the results where most people will be browsing, not the 15th page where people rarely reach. Employing SEO in Singapore ensures that your text and your keywords are noticeable enough to make it into the most searches. Therefore more people in Singapore are exposed to your site and it will, in turn, generate more income for your business.

Where SEM comes in:

SEM is the next stage of marketing which involves paying an ad to appear on the top of the results. For example, first, you optimize your content as you do with SEO. Then you pay google to show an ad in Singapore whenever someone conducts a search for that particular keyword. That keywords appears on the top of the search results, giving you more exposure then normally available via SEO. This brings you more business as the people can see your site at the very start of the searched keyword. And is it is at the top, then you can ensure a higher number of clicks on your page. This will mean, that in Singapore your reach will be increased and will allow your business to thrive more.


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