Where To Find The Cheapest Storage Bed Frames In Singapore

A storage bed frame is more than just a place to hold your mattress. Your stylish bed frame can add appeal to your bedroom and even storage space. Read on to know how to pick the right frame which looks great for several years –

Size of Mattress

If you already have the right mattress, it will be even easier to pick new bed frames. Go for a double bed frame for full-size mattress. Queen-size frames work well with the queen-size mattress. Consider whether king-size mattress you have is an Eastern King or California King Size. There is a slight difference between them. If you are buying the whole bed set, consider the available space for a bed, and what size of the bed can be comfortable for you.

Size of Room

Usually, a bed is the largest furniture item in a bedroom and large bed can cover the completely small room. To get an idea of the area of your room, place your mattress on the bedroom floor or use masking tape or pillow to measure. Look for metal bed frame to enhance the space available in the bedroom. A platform bed frame can also save space and you can expand storage by picking one with drawers under the shelves or box spring.

Box Spring vs. Platform Bed

You just need a mattress with most platform beds instead of box spring. Therefore, it is better to go with a platform bed if you are low on budget. Some platform beds can also gold box spring if you want it a bit higher off the ground level.

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